What kind of damages do you work with?

Our network of adjusters work with all types of damages such as natural disasters, water damage, plumbing leaks, fire damage and more.

How much does a public adjuster get paid?

A public adjuster gets paid a percentage (depending on your state) of your claim.

Do I have to pay anything upfront?

No. Our network of adjusters will inspect your damage, submit all necessary paperwork, and handle all communication with your insurance company for free.

Are Public Adjusters connected with insurance companies?

No. They are employed exclusively by you — the policyholder —not by an insurance company. However, many of our Public Adjusters are former employees of insurance companies. They understand how to read and interpret insurance policies and know the ins and outs of how the claims process works.

How do you determine the actual loss?

Our network of adjusters take physical inventory, obtains all pertinent appraisals and makes sure all provisions in your policy are properly fulfilled. This often involves numerous steps of which you may know little or nothing, but can make a significant difference in the amount of the final adjustment.

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